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Body By Bri Fitness - About Me

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Hi Everyone!

My name is Briya and I am a 26 year old law student and entrepreneur. I am currently in my third and final year in law school and will be receiving my Juris Doctor in May 2021. I've always been passionate about fitness and health, so I decided to start this health and wellness business in November 2017.

My target audience from day one has always been the Black community, along with other vulnerable communities. This is because as a group, African-Americans experience significant disparities with chronic conditions, access to care and resources, mental health and preventive screenings. The most alarming is the fact that in almost every low-income/poor community, there is a McDonald's on every block. When confronted with very limited budgets, families are more inclined to purchase food based on cost rather than nutritional value. Sadly, a fresh salad costs around $8 to $10 while an entree of a burger, fries and a soda can cost as low as $4. This, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, is the silent killer among us.

Our culture and respective upbringing have a significant influence on our lifestyle choices. Growing up, my family would get together almost every Sunday and eat soul food and drink sodas/alcohol. Not only did my family have horrible nutrition habits, I noticed that they all had sedentary lifestyles and regularly engaged in activities such as smoking and drinking. All of this causes the body to frequently become subject to infections, illnesses, diseases and viruses.

My grandmother passed away at 74 in May 2019 due to having a number of conditions and diseases, all associated to nutrition and lack of movement. Diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure run rampant in minority communities. So, instead of watching my family and others continue to make detrimental lifestyle choices, I decided to hold myself and everyone around me accountable for their lives.

You only get one body, one temple. Take care of it. Everything we consume is either healing or hurting our bodies. Not to mention, the prevention is cheaper than the cure. So...what are you going to do for your health today?

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